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It’s strange to be writing a blog; as a Security focused company so much of what we do is highly confidential that one gets accustomed to not talking about what we do. Those that work with us, know what we do. Those that don’t, don’t need to.

But now we’re developing some products, products for the commercial market. It’s an exciting time for us, opening up to a new market and bringing our somewhat unique view of the world to bear. How well it will work we don’t know, but whatever the end result will be it will certainly differ from what we envisage now.

We’re continuing with our core business, that doesn’t change, we’re good at it and have a number of unique skills and tools. But now we have something we can talk about too.

So welcome to our new blog. We’ll be discussing useful tips from across our portfolio - be it useful guides for unusual use cases with the Atlassian product set, exploring new technologies in DevOps and looking at the evolving world of Cyber Security.

Where this will take us who knows, but we’re starting!

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