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Improve organisational performance with Attomus’s high quality Programme Management and Delivery team. The Attomus team have delivered some of the world’s largest and most complex programmes spanning the globe.
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Discreet and secure surveillance, private investigations and counter-surveillance training for high-risk assets. We help government agencies, law enforcement, insurance and legal firms using our UK Intelligence trained personnel.
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Security threats are more sophisticated and organised. They are delivered by skilled individuals within and outside your organisation. You need a capable partner that has the technologies and skills to prevent, respond to, and investigate cyber threats and attacks.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Threat Management

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Compliance Management

ATTOMUS helps governments, institutions, and organisations defend against cybercrimes, meet compliance requirements, and reduce their exposure to online risks.

The skillset and technologies available at ATTOMUS facilitate comprehensive protection, investigation, and prosecution. Data from our investigative services are suitable for submission to a court of law to aid prosecution efforts.

ATTOMUS Cyber Security Services improve digital security, resilience, and vigilance. You can reduce risk, optimise productivity, and establish controls to secure proprietary and confidential information. And have the means to quickly react when your network is under attack.

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Attomus Services


Businesses face increasing security concerns, economic pressures, and tightening regulatory environment. They are forced to seek newer technologies, processes, and management capabilities for more secure and optimised operations. ATTOMUS is the innovative advanced technology company that helps businesses prepare to meet these challenges, increases efficiencies, improves security, and drives business results.

We have experienced security practitioners with extensive knowledge in technology applications and management consulting. We deliver a comprehensive suite of technology services to meet the needs of private companies and public sector agencies for:

  • Application development

  • Advanced Security web hosting (government only - not a commercial offering)

  • Defensive and Offensive Cyber capabilities

  • Enterprise governance for PMO design and implementation

  • C-Level Executive and Business Consulting Services

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Attomus Services