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The secure business messaging platform

With us, no-one but you and your counterparty can read your messages.

Not us, no-one!


How secure are your messages with clients and staff?

Do you know Google alone (ignoring FaceBook, WhatsApp, Messenger) holds about 5gb of data on the average person - that's about 3 million Word documents of data that has been logged and stored somewhere you don’t know?

Wouldn’t it be better if you could message your staff and clients on a secure platform that truly keeps all your communication secret?

Privacy without Compromise

Most mainstream messaging apps can be compromised. Semafore is designed by security experts to ensure that this doesn’t happen. You can send your text messages, photos, and documents knowing that the Semafore doesn’t store your messages and they won’t be intercepted.

Keep your business communications secure with truly end-to-end encrypted messaging. We don't even include any shared libraries, literally everything is coded from scratch to avoid a supply-chain attack.

We can't share what we can't see. Only you know what you have sent.


More than Just Messaging

It’s the business solution you need to securely communication with you, your staff, and clients - as securely as if they were sat next to you in a locked room.


From 2 persons to an enterprise, you can add as many licenses as you need to keep your business communication secure as your company grows.

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The messaging app is available for mobile and desktop devices. You can easily maintain secure lines of communication in and out of the office.

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Your privacy is assured from device to device. Messages are encrypted and safe from outside tracking, supply chain and other harmful attacks.

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Business Messaging Connected with Security

Semafore is the cost-effective messaging app to secure your business communication from start to finish with company-wide licenses for as many contacts as you’d like.

  • Business Communications

    Semafore helps you to limit security breaches and hacks. Clean code and device-to-device encryption ensure that your communication stays safely within the bounds of your organisation and the intended recipients. So, go ahead and send a message. Protect your data and communicate more efficiently with Semafore.

  • Advanced Security

    We can’t read your messages, and neither can anyone else. Messages sent through this platform are secure from start to finish with end-to-end encryption. Semafore does not store your documents, photos, or text on any servers and the system doesn’t include any libraries that log and save your data. If you worry about data that messaging apps collect, then you need to shift to Semafore.

  • Designed by Cybersecurity Experts

    Semafore is independently built by cybersecurity experts to be the fast, simple, safe, and secure business messaging. That means it’s clean. You won’t find any open source or third-party code that can intercept your messages, perform any tracking, or add malicious code to your texts.

  • Always Secure no Matter the Size

    You won’t need to think twice about security when you or your team use Semafore. You don’t need to remember to turn on a ‘secret chat’ option. All your messages are secret chat when Semafore is involved. Plus, teams, small businesses, and enterprises – it’s easy and affordable to scale with Semafore with enterprise-wide licenses.

  • Ideal for Easy Collaboration

    With desktop versions for enterprise use, and mobile app for on-the-go secure messaging, you can collaborate with ease. It is ideal for concierge services, personal assistants, lawyers because Semafore is designed to work for almost anyone providing a professional service who needs to maintain a secure communication platform.

Claim Your Secure Private Messenger
We’ll never tell. Semafore is free for 1 to 2 users with affordable licenses for teams. Download on iOS or Android.


What Do you Need Encrypted Data Protection For?

  • Enterprise

    Semafore is designed for companies that need secure communication within the enterprise and with clients. It’s fully encrypted and enterprise ready. Incorporate as many contacts as you need and set up quickly to start using secure communications.

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  • Personal

    Take control of your personal information and the security of the information you share. Semafore is always free if you’re using it for 1 or 2 recipients. Sign up and download the App on your Android or iPhone, or desktop computer.

Want to Know A Secret?

Here’s Some of What Semafore Can Help You Do

Keep A Secret

Encrypt all your business and personal messages

Share Secretly

Send any type of document, photos, and text

Maintain Secrecy

Synchronise your messages across devices

Build Trust

Ideal for any business where security and privacy are key

Secure Your Business Communications

Bring more security to your day-to-day communication. Be an early adapter to the fast and secure messaging platform. Try Semafore today and enjoy the true meaning of privacy.