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Programme Delivery

Programme Management

Improve organisational performance with quality programme management that solves digital problems. We manage and deliver complex digital systems through our in-house team of experts. Nothing is subcontracted as we take ownership of each project. That is why we are the programme recovery team business leaders call to resolve technology issues following other unsatisfactory work.

P3O® Development (Portfolio, Programme and Project Office)

Develop tailored P3O models for organisations to optimise the delivery of successful business outcomes. We create the governance framework and systems to leverage the benefits of P3O for an effective Portfolio, Programme and Project Office to manage and deliver multiple products and strategic results. The systems facilitate strategic monitoring of budgetary requirements and investments, risks analysis, and quality assurance.

Programme Management

CxO Mentoring

Proactive and confidential support and guidance for “C” suite executives. We offer confidential advice and technical support for innovative and strategic growth opportunities and business management. ATTOMUS challenges and inspires leaders and helps them stay accountable with personal, skills, and strategic management. We help C-level executives who are newly appointed, promoted, or for succession planning learn to stay focused to maximise the value of their enterprises.

CEO CIO CFO mentoring

Cyber Forensics

ATTOMUS builds cyber resilience to withstand and respond to complex and rapidly evolving cyber threats. If you experience a cyber breach, our experts trace the physical and digital evidence using traditional and electronic investigative techniques. We decipher who did it, when, and how. We collect and preserve the data to facilitate prosecution and future prevention.

Cyber Forensics