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This month Regi Publico introduces some of the challenges of securing your crypto and digital currency wallets

How To Secure Your Cold Wallets From Hackers

To keep your cryptocurrency investments secure, you must know how to keep your coins safe. With the ever-growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, cyber security threats have skyrocketed. Hackers are always looking for a weak spot in your system and will do anything they can to find it and take advantage of it. Your cold wallets are among the most vulnerable points on your network, but there are certain techniques that can be used to protect them.

What Are Cold Wallets?

A cold wallet is a hardware-based cryptocurrency wallet that’s not attached to the internet. It’s typically used for the long-term storage of large amounts of coins and tokens. They’re often referred to as “paper wallets,” but they can be stored on physical flash drives, SD cards, and even hard drives.

How To Secure Your Cold Wallet?

Depending on the wallet that you’re using, you may need to make a few adjustments to keep your coins safe. This article will show you the best steps to take.

Paper Wallet Safety

Paper wallets are by far the most popular form of cold storage. These cold storage methods allow you to print out a paper wallet that you can store offline like a safety deposit box, or even bury it somewhere safe. You can create a paper wallet by signing up to a reputable website that offers this type of service.

After you’ve signed up, the website will generate a private and public key for you. You can then print these keys and store them safely in a safe place. You can also save your private key on an external hard drive or on an encrypted document that you only have access to.

Cold Storage Security

Cold storage is defined as any process that keeps user funds offline; not connected to the internet at all times. This means that you’ll need to keep the majority of your funds stored offline. Most of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges require minimum deposits and withdrawals, so it’s particularly important to store your coins securely if you do your trading through an exchange.

Cold Wallet Software Security

The secure way to store your coins is through a hardware-based cold wallet that is physically seperate from your computer or can be unplugged from it. A hardware wallet is an electronic device that serves as a cold wallet.

It contains your public and private keys and can be used to make crypto-to-crypto transactions. Hardware wallets are often (though not always) popular because they’re simple to use and very secure in comparison to other types of wallets.

Backups and Multi-Signature Technology

Even if you have a hard wallet, it’s important that you create a backup of your private keys and store that backup in a safe place. You should also consider using multi-signature technology for extra security when it comes to keeping your coins safe.

A multi-signature (also known as “multisig”) wallet is a wallet that requires multiple private keys to make a transaction. This means that you’ll need to make sure that you add multiple private keys to a single cold wallet.

A hardware wallet is one of the best types of hardware wallets because it allows you to store multiple keys at once, meaning you can secure multiple digital currencies on the same device. Furthermore, each can be used in combination with multi-signature technology to help secure your coins.

Importance of Local Backups

With every online service, there are always risks associated with storing data online. This is especially true for cryptocurrency users who store their private keys in an online wallet. With the popularity of cryptocurrencies, cyber criminals have realized the benefits of hacking your online wallets, and many people are opting to store their private keys offline as a result. To make sure that your coins are secure, you should always keep a local backup of your wallet.


There are a number of crypto wallet types, but no matter which type you choose, you should always take the time to research your options and find the best one for your needs. It’s important that you keep these tips in mind when securing your cold wallet to ensure that your investments are as safe as they can be. With the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies, new threats have emerged on the scene.

Cyber criminals are always looking for a way to make money and if they target you, it can cost you dearly. Using hardware wallets like Trezor ( or Ledger ( is probably the most secure way to store cryptocurrencies. Regardless of your choice of wallet, you need to keep your private keys and seeds on a separate device. If you use a hardware wallet like this, it’s best that you store your coins offline. Looking for more crypto safety tips? Read up on our blog!

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