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Our secure end to end encryption results in absolute peace of mind that your data and information including messages and calls is not accessible to anybody.

Nothing, including us or anything or anyone else, can see, collect or store your data.

Personal, private and sensitive information is completely encrypted and controlled by you.

Terms of Use

By installing or using the Semafore app, services or website you agree to our terms of use.

Minimum Age: You must be either at least 13 years old or over the correct age in accordance with your home country parental approval restrictions, whichever is higher, to use our Services .

Account Registration: In order to create an account you must register using your phone number. By doing so you agree to receive text messages and phone calls with verification codes to register for our Services which may be from us or third-party providers.

Privacy of user data: By signing up to use our services you agree to our data practices as described in our Privacy Policy.

As we can’t see your personal data due to our encryption neither Semafore nor Attomus are in a position to sell, rent or monetise your personal data or content in any way. Not that we would ever do so as we believe in your absolute right to privacy and security.

Operationally, service providers, partners and facilities may have occasion, such as for the sending of verification codes or processing of support tickets, to transfer your encrypted information and metadata to the United States and other countries.

Details regarding how we safeguard your information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

Software: From time to time new features and enhanced functionality will become available. Your consent to downloading and installing these updates is given when you install Semafore and use our services.

Fees and Taxes: All data and mobile carrier fees and taxes associated with the devices on which you use our Services remains within your responsibility.


Our Terms and Policies: Semafore is only to be used in accordance with our Terms and Policies.

Account Disabled: If an account is identified as being in violation of our terms then it will be disabled. Additional or new accounts will not be activated without Attomus’s express permission.

Legal and Acceptable Use: By installing Semafore you agree to limit use to legal, authorised, and acceptable purposes.

Examples of unacceptable usage includes but is not limited to:

  • Violating or infringing the rights of Attomus, our users and others to include privacy, publicity, intellectual property, or other proprietary rights;

  • Sending illegal or impermissible communications such as auto-messaging, bulk messaging, and / or auto-dialing.

Harm to Attomus: By installing Semafore or using Attomus’s services you agree not to cause harm either directly or indirectly or contribute others to cause harm either directly or indirectly to Attomus, our services, our systems or our users.

Examples of harm includes but are not limited to:

  • Direct or indirect attempts to gain unauthorised access, use, modification, distribution, transfer, or exploit Semafore and our services

  • Through direct or indirect action disrupt or cause to be disrupted the integrity or performance of Attomus and our service.

  • Through direct or indirect action create or cause to be created accounts for Semafore and / or Attomus’s services through unauthorised or automated means.

  • Through direct or indirect action collect or cause to be collected information about our users in any unauthorised fashion.

  • Through direct or indirect action or contribution cause the selling, rent, or charge for Semafore or Attomus’s services.

Keeping Your Account Secure: Semafore embodies security and privacy through its fully encrypted design. Therefore Semafore does not have any access to or regarding your communications.

All responsibility for keeping your device and your Semafore account secure rests with the device user.

In the event your device is lost or replaced please go to the AppStore and follow the instructions on how to re-register. Upon completion of the re-registration process with the new device all communications regarding Semafore will be linked to the new device and cease routing to your old device. It is not possible to recover your previous messages as the only place they are stored is on your lost device.

No Access to Emergency Services: Please be advised that Semafore is not supported by emergency service providers. In the event of an emergency follow the correct communication protocol of that country.

Third-party services: Please be advised that in the event of third-party service use through Semafore, it is the terms and privacy policies of those third parties that govern your use of those services.

Rights & License with Attomus

Your Rights: All information submitted through Semafore is owned by you.

Before submitting any information you agree that you have the rights to the phone number you use to sign up for your Semafore account.

When installing Semafore, Attomus grants you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, and non-transferable license to use our Services in accordance with our terms.

Attomus’s Rights: All copyrights, trademarks, domains, logos, trade dress, trade secrets, patents, and other intellectual property rights associated with Semafore and our services are owned by Attomus.

The use of our copyrights, trademarks, domains, logos, trade dress, trade secrets, patents, and other intellectual property rights is strictly prohibited.

Disclaimers & Limitations

Disclaimers. You use our services at your own risk and subject to the following disclaimers. We provide our services on an “as-is” basis without any express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title, non-infringement, and freedom from computer virus or other harmful code. Attomus does not warrant that any information provided by us is accurate, complete, or useful, that our services will be operational, error-free, secure, or safe, or that our services will function without disruptions, delays, or imperfections. We do not control, and are not responsible for, controlling how or when our users use our services. We are not responsible for the actions or information (including content) of our users or other third parties. You release us, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, partners, and agents (together, “Attomus parties”) from any claim, complaint, cause of action, controversy, or dispute (together, “claim”) and damages, known and unknown, relating to, arising out of, or in any way connected with any such claim you have against any third parties.

Limitation of liability: the Attomus parties will not be liable to you for any lost profits or consequential, special, punitive, indirect, or incidental damages relating to, arising out of, or in any way in connection with our terms, us, or our services, even if the Attomus parties have been advised of the possibility of such damages. our aggregate liability relating to, arising out of, or in any way in connection with our terms, us, or our services will not exceed one hundred pounds (£100). The foregoing disclaimer of certain damages and limitation of liability will apply to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law. The laws of some countries states or jurisdictions may not allow the exclusion or limitation of certain damages, so some or all of the exclusions and limitations set forth above may not apply to you. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in our terms, in such cases, the liability of the Attous parties will be limited to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law.

Availability of Our Services: From time to time Attomus and Semafore’s services may be interrupted. Examples of interruptions may include maintenance, upgrades, or network and / or equipment failures. We reserve the right to discontinue some or all of our services, including certain features and the support for certain devices and platforms, at any time.


CuriousLee is in Beta and therefore not subject to Attomus’s Standard Terms at this stage. Please refer to your Beta Testing Agreement for more information.

These terms will be updated following Full Release.